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Are Buy To Let Investments still lucrative in 2022?

For decades, buy to let investments have been a go-to option for investors as they come with reduced risk factors and offer a steady passive income stream. However, as property prices in the UK increase at a breakneck pace, interest rates on mortgages have reached new heights, and annual yields on buy to let's have lost their attraction – people have started questioning Buy To Lets as a lucrative option to grow savings.

Here's why Buy to Let investments are still an excellent way to grow your money

It's low risk

Investing in traditional buy to let investments means you're obtaining land, which appreciates over time. Meanwhile, you also obtain access to a steadier and securer passive income – especially compared to newer investment options such as Cryptocurrencies, which are incredibly volatile.

Investing profitably means calculating your risk, not avoiding risk altogether – and that's what traditional buy to let opportunities offer, calculated risk.

It's in high demand

It's no secret that the UK is currently in a housing crisis, and rental homes are in extremely high demand. Rightmove concluded that the demand for rental homes is increasing rapidly; however, the number of rental properties is decreasing – this is leading to an increase in rental costs across the country (especially in London).

You can always go for Alternative Buy To Lets.

As the property investment world evolves, more and more property investment options emerge. Concept Capital Group's buy to let opportunity is one of a kind, as it allows clients to own property for only £42,999. On top of that, the owner receives a minimum annual yield of 10% through a steady passive income stream.

Does that sound too good to be true? Get in touch with our sales consultants here, and they'll walk you through the opportunity in detail and answer any questions you may have.

What makes the buy to let even better is that it comes with two exit strategies. After all, your investment is only as good as its exit strategy. Firstly, you can sell the home back to us every 2nd year of the investment term. Alternatively, you can inform us with a six-month notice, and we'll try to market and resell your unit to another investor.

Furthermore, the tenants we place in these homes are majorly government-assisted individuals or low-income households. Your investment will provide someone with a secure and stable home.

Summaries of the benefits our Buy To Let opportunity offers.

  • Affordable
  • Minimum yields of 10%
  • Buy Back available
  • No interest, stamp duty, or additional costs
  •  Socially impactful

Start investing today

Does our buy to let opportunity meet your investment goals? If so, you can start investing in a few simple steps only. Firstly, you can get in touch with one of our sales consultants here, and they'll guide you through the entire opportunity in detail.

Once you've confirmed your interest, you'll receive all relevant documentation. We also love inviting our clients over to our office to meet our fantastic team and have a chat with us over some tea.

Learn more about our buy-to-let opportunity here or read our certified Feefo reviews.