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Investing in the Future

Here’s why Concept Capital Group's buy to let might be right for you  

Finding the right buy to let opportunity can be a hassle, specially since the average yield on property investments is only about 3.6%. Similarly, investing in buy to let homes can cause a lot of worry, and most investors cannot deal with the daily hassles of managing an extra home and tenant. Nonetheless, not knowing whether you’ll find the right tenant is an added stress factor for investors.

Concept capital group is offering an exclusive buy to let opportunity that offers yields of up to 11.1% with no stress or hassle at all.


How does Concept Capital Group’s buy to let opportunity work?

We are offering you the opportunity to own a fully managed prefabricated home for only £39,999. You buy the home, we build it, furnish it, tenant it, and manage it. Meanwhile, you receive a fixed rental income into your account.

The best part is that the tenants we place in these homes are low income or government assisted tenants who can be classed as being vulnerable. They include single mothers, elderly, and less fortunate families.


Why is this the right opportunity for you?


It’s affordable!


One of the biggest hurdles of owning rental property is the rising cost of properties. You need millions if you want to fully own properties in the UK. However, You can own Concept Capital Group's buy to let prefabricated home for only £39,999 in the UK.

The reason behind the affordable cost is that prefabricated homes cost less to build, and we are selling the units only - the land these homes are placed on is acquired to exclusive partnerships. However, you still own the property for the entire investment term and receive a fixed rental income of up to £333.33 each month for up to 25 years.


It’s hassle-free!


Amongst the biggest hurdles faced by buy to let investors is managing and dealing with a home and a tenant. Luckily, Concept Capital Group's buy to let opportunity is fully managed. We offer 24/7 maintenance and ensure the home is tenanted for the entire investment term.

Once you invest, you can sit back and relax while we manage the home and tenant for you. You don’t need to pay any extra charges to cover the maintenance, this will not impact your fixed monthly income of £333.33.


It’s interest free!


Once you pay Concept Capital Group the £39,999, you obtain full ownership of the prefabricated home. There are no instalments, additional costs, or interest rates applicable moving forward. Following the purchase of the home, you can sit back and enjoy your returns on investment.


It’s high yielding!


The best part about our buy to let opportunity is that it offers yields of up to 11.1%. This means you get a fixed income of £3,999.90 per annum for up to 25 years. This is way more than the average rental yields in the UK.