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Impact Group Member Spotlight

The Impact Group Spotlights Concept Capital Group's Director Ian Elliott

Concept Capital Group is a proud member of the Impact Group, an award-winning platform showcasing businesses driven by values. Impact Group brings its members together to form a ‘socially-driven, commercially-focused international group of businesses. The Impact Group’s goal is to become the UK’s leading Impact Platform by 2024, delivering globally-recognised impact accreditation to businesses that make a positive difference to the lives of individuals, communities, and our environment.

Here at Concept Capital Group, we offer socially responsible and value-based property investment opportunities. Our investments offer a solution to the affordable housing crisis in the UK in the form of prefabricated and modular home solutions, manufactured in the UK. We have helped to house over 200 people in affordable, high-quality homes, with the help of our clients who choose to invest with us and make an impact with their money.

To learn more about our journey and our Director Ian Elliott, check out the Impact Group’s member spotlight across their social media.