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Rise In UK Inflation and its Impact on Property Investments

In recent news, it has been reported that the inflation rate in the UK has risen to 5.1%, hitting a new decade high. This is the highest since 2011, and analysts suggest that it might continue to rise. The concern that arises as a result is how one should invest their savings profitably – or in a way that allows them to profit despite the fast-rising inflation.

Will inflation continue to rise moving forward? 

After surging to 5.1% last month, a Deutsche bank senior economist suggested that the inflation rate in the UK could increase up to 6% by next April. This shows that investors should make more intelligent decisions regarding investing their savings. Similarly, the effects of rising inflation are evident as retail clothing and grocery prices are increasing at a breakneck pace.

How does inflation impact rental yields?

When investing long term, you must calculate your yields against the suspected inflation rate. This allows you to see how much value your annual returns will offer at any point in time.  For instance, if you buy property for a 3-4% annual yield and see how much that will be worth after inflation, you might realize that you’re not earning your desired returns.

If you’re earning a 4% annual yield on your property, and inflation is 5.1%, this leaves you with a -1.1% return on investment. Similarly, keeping money in the back often offers a trim level of interest, resulting in individuals losing their funds once inflation comes to play. The million-dollar question is, how can you invest in a way that allows you to beat inflation and make a significant level of profit.

Concept Capital Group’s buy to let opportunity

Our buy to let prefabricated homes offer minimum yields of 10%, which is significantly higher than the market average. On top of offering high yields, the opportunity is fully managed and tenanted for the entire investment term, so our clients don’t have to worry about much. They sit back, relax, and enjoy their guaranteed Passive income that comes straight into their accounts. 

Plus, our opportunity is socially impactful as the tenants that we place in these homes are low-income and government assisted individuals.

How to get started

Investing with Concept Capital Group is extremely simple. Firstly, you can book a call with one of our sales consultants here, and they’ll take you over the investment step by step. Following that, you’ll receive relevant documentation to go through at your convenience.

Once you confirm your interest, we’ll run AML checks, and you can deposit the required amount. After all dues are cleared and documentation is done, the production of your prefabricated home will begin, and a suitable tenant will be placed in the home. You can expect to receive your first rental income into your account within 60-90 days of the purchase, which is a fixed amount of £358.33 per home.

If you purchase a brand-new unit, the guaranteed annual income equals £4,299.00 - which is 10% of £42,999 – the initial unit price. You can enjoy a minimum 10% per annum yield for two years, then sell the unit back to us through our buy-back guarantee for the initial buying price. Does that too good to be true? Get in touch with us here to discuss the opportunity further.