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Investing in the Future

Rising demand for UK Buy To Let property

The buy to let market and property investors have been affected largely over the past few years due to the storm of changes introduced by the Government, alongside the global pandemic.

For instance, a 3% stamp duty surcharge on any second property investment and a reduction in mortgage tax reduction has made the traditional buy to lets less attractive. However, the buy to let market is still lucrative and has an increasing demand despite this.

David Smith of the Residential Landlords Association reported, “young people and many families are being let down by the Government’s tax rises on private rented housing. While the number of first-time buyers is increasing, the reality is, young people have to wait longer than ever to get on the property market.”

How are the rental yields?

The rental yields in the UK are currently averaging at around 4%, and as property prices continue to rise alongside inflation, the yields are becoming less attractive. Even though property prices in London remain the highest across the UK, the yields are much lower compared to other parts of the UK.

According to a study conducted by Shawbrook, the average monthly rent in the UK ranges from £396 in the Northeast of England to £1,755 in London. However, the reason behind lower yields is the extremely high asking price for properties in the area.

Is Buy to Let still worth it?

Investing in a traditional buy to let may seem like the safest investment option despite the low yields it now offers. However, alternative buy to let’s can offer greater returns with a significantly reduced risk of loss.

Concept Capital Group’s exclusive Buy To Let opportunity costs only £42,999 and offer a minimum annual yield of 10% in returns. The opportunity is unique compared to traditional buy to lets as you do not own the home's land- instead, you only own the prefabricated unit.

Once you’ve bought the home for £42,999, we let it out to individuals on waiting lists for social housing. The rental income comes through housing benefits & pays you £358.33 per month after keeping a small management & maintenance fee.

To sum up the benefits of our Buy To Let opportunity.

  • The homes start at only £42,999
  • Our buy to let offers a fixed passive income of £358.33 per month
  • The opportunity generates a minimum annual yield of 10%
  • It is socially impactful as we house vulnerable people in our fully managed buy to let homes

Final thoughts

Though traditional buy to let's are in high demand, the yields they offer aren’t that lucrative compared to the high cost of buying. Hence, considering alternative buy to let investments is a great option.

Our exclusive buy to let opportunity allows you to own a home for only £42,999 and generate minimum annual yields of 10% per annum. On top of that, it is socially impactful & ethical and comes fully managed for the entire investment term.

To learn more about the opportunity and its exit strategies, please visit Home - Concept Capital Group (concept-capital-group.com).