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Transform Your Savings into a Passive Income For Years to Come

Saving money is a great way to secure your own or a loved one’s future. Albeit, sometimes keeping savings in your bank account can mean losing money rather than profiting from it. If you calculate the interest rate your bank gives you and compare it to the inflation rate, you’ll realize that keeping money in the bank may not be too financially beneficial.

Though the million-dollar question is – How can you transform your savings into a passive income stream effectively? In this article, we’ll take you over Concept Capital Group’s Buy-To-Let opportunity that allows you to generate a guaranteed passive income stream and capitalize on your savings effectively. 

How does Concept Capital Group's Buy-To-Let opportunity work?

Concept Capital Group is offering a fully managed Buy-To-Let opportunity that is targeted towards building affordable homes for those in need. CCG markets prefabricated homes to clients, then get them built and rent them out to low-income and government-assisted tenants. These tenants include single mothers, disabled individuals, and even elderly people. 

Once the client obtains ownership of the home for £42,999, they become eligible to receive a fixed rental income of £4,299.00 per year paid through housing benefits. This can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. The best part about Concept Capital Group’s passive income-generating opportunity is that it comes fully managed and fully tenanted for the entire investment term. 

The focal points of the opportunity are its social impact and guaranteed passive income. For anyone looking for a steady passive income stream for up to 25 years, the opportunity is definitely worth considering. 

How much passive income can you generate?

Each prefabricated home purchased from Concept Capital Group allows you to generate a fixed monthly income of £358.33 per month. This amount adds up to an annual income of £4,299.00 – which is a minium 10% yield per annum. If you want a higher passive income, you can purchase multiple units. 

The benefit of purchasing multiple units is that after generating a substantial passive income, you can sell the units back to us and get the valued price of the units back. This allows you to save your funds in the form of an asset, benefit from rental income, and get your money back into your account. Ideally, we recommend that you give the opportunity a trial run and purchase it for a minimum 2-year term. Once the two years are over, you can sell it back to us for its purchasing price (£42,999) 

How is this a low risk opportunity?

What makes Concept Capital Group’s Buy-To-Let opportunity low-risk is the fact that most tenants placed in the homes are receiving housing benefits. 

Similarly, the investment opportunity is secured by an insurance provider for its entire value. This insurance covers any damage or rental loss that may occur to your unit during the investment term. 

How to transform your savings into a steady income today

You can start generating your steady income in a few simple steps. All you have to do is get in touch with us here. Following that, our team will reach out to you and walk you through the opportunity step by step.