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What Is Ethical Investing?

What Makes Investments Ethical and Socially Responsible?

Ethical investing aligns your values with your investments. It can involve avoiding or screening out investments related to stigmatized activities, such as gambling and tobacco, or reviewing whether the company’s actions align with its commitments. More recently, clients are beginning to adopt positive screening practices by choosing companies and investments that make a positive impact and operate in an ethical way. Make your investments economically and ethically valuable.

How can you start your ethical investment journey?

Ethical investing has many names, such as socially responsible, sustainable, or conscious investing. It gives the investor the power to allocate their funds to companies, causes and investments that align with their own values. These could be political, religious, environmental, or social. There is no one-size-fits-all definition of values, and as such, there is no industry standard approach to ethical investing. Here are a few key steps investors should keep in mind when moving into ethical investing:

  1. Know your own values, including what you want to invest in and if you want to apply an ethical investment strategy to your entire portfolio or just some parts.
  2. Find out where your money is invested and see if you can change this.
  3. Do your homework. Review company histories and finances to confirm a commitment to ethical practices.
  4. Know where you can invest.
  5. Create a plan and start your journey.

How is our property investment ethical and socially responsible?

Our Buy-to-Let Park Home investment opportunity has a variety of benefits for the investor. Alongside being hassle-free, offering a minimum yield of 10% and the full ownership of a tangible asset in the form of a park home built to the British Standard Institute’s BS3632 standard, it is also an ethical investment.

Concept Capital Group values excellence, accountability, and transparency. Our goal is to create affordable housing solutions that alleviate the existing bottleneck created by the current property market. It has been well documented for decades that the growing demand for affordable housing has not been met with a corresponding rise in supply. The shortfall in affordable housing has also consistently struggled to meet an acceptable standard that suits all communities, taking into account cultural backgrounds, religions, habitat requirements and other vital factors that contribute positively to a tenant’s quality of life.

Our mission is to help shape a property market where investment and provision meet the genuine demands of the consumers; we believe all investments should have a harmony of profit and provision –ensuring that all aspects of the market positively benefit from our activity. We intend to become the premier investment provider for innovative affordable housing solutions.

Ethical investing is on the rise as individuals become more conscious and proactive in how they handle their money. Our clients enjoy the sustainable and social aspects of our investment opportunity and it draws a lot of people to us. Start your ethical investment journey today, give us a call and we can talk you through our ethical investment opportunity and why ethical investing is the way forward.

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