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Why Ethical Investments are Essential - Grow your money ethically With Concept Capital Group

Ethical investing is an investment strategy in which an individual invests in alignment with their ethical values. In other words, an investment that is made for noble causes can be regarded as an ethical investment.

In a time where the UK stands amidst a housing crisis, financial crisis, and environmental crisis – ethical investments can go a long way. Concept capital group's Buy to let opportunity allows you to invest ethically or impactfully as it's targeted towards generating affordable homes for vulnerable individuals and families.

Types of Ethical Investments

Impact Investing

Impact funds are for investment opportunities that offer the perfect harmony of social impact and financial returns. Investors who want to go forward with impact investments want to benefit from financial gains but also want to serve a noble cause.

The Buy To Let opportunity offered by Concept Capital Group is socially impactful and financially profitable. This makes it the perfect impactful investment.

Dark Green Investing

Investments that are strictly ethical and at par with social values are regarded as Dark Green Investments. Any investment involving the use of tobacco or animal testing, for instance, will not be considered by a dark green investor.

Light Green Investing

Light green investments are directed towards companies that are doing good and exclude companies that are known to cause any sort of harm to the environment or consumers.

Sustainable and responsible Investing

Investments that focus on social, environmental, and ethical issues are regarded as sustainable and responsible investments. If you're someone who is passionate about investing impactfully, you can look into sustainable and responsible investments – these investments won't necessarily offer high financial returns.

However, you can invest in an impactful manner with Concept Capital Group whilst enjoying minimum yields of 10%.

Why invest ethically?


What better way to grow your savings than to do so in alignment with your ethical values? It's common for people to think that they have to compromise on their core beliefs in order to invest profitably. However, you can now invest in alignment with your social and ethical values whilst receiving great returns on your investment.

Moreover, the current environmental and social crisis across the globe make it evident that socially sustainable investments are the future. Investing towards a social cause also allows you to build a recognisable investment portfolio.


Concept Capital Group's Ethical Investment


Our Buy To Let opportunity is designed to generate affordable housing solutions for low income and government-assisted tenants. We sell prefabricated homes to our clients, then place vulnerable individuals in the homes. Following that, our clients receive a regular monthly rental income straight into their accounts.

The homes come fully managed and are tenanted for the entire investment term. The best part is that the investment opportunity offers minimum yields of 10% while having a significant social impact. With the help of our clients, we are proud to have placed over 450 vulnerable individuals and families in secure and stable homes. You can also read our Concept Capital Group reviews here.

If you want to invest impactfully whilst growing your savings significantly, you can get in touch with us here.