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“Beautifully constructed homes that are reliable and seductively modern”

Park homes aren’t meant to be towed around the country, as opposed to “Touring” Caravans. Instead, they are designed to be transported only once – directly to a holiday or caravan park – where they will stay for a sustained period.

Touring” caravans, which is what most people imagine when the word ‘caravan’ is mentioned are much less durable in quality, and not suited for comfortable long-term living. The interior of a touring caravan needs to be fixed to avoid issues during travel, whereas Static caravans open the door to additional appliances and free-standing furniture. The fact that Static caravans remain stationary means that they can benefit from more comprehensive facilities and home comforts. For example, Static caravans usually include central heating, double glazing and fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms.


Cost per unit


Contract Term

2 Years



Park Homes Project allows you access to the great returns being seen in the property market, without the hassle of finding and managing tenants. Guaranteed rental income for the duration on contract.

An opportunity to invest ethically and with peace of mind in one of the UK’s fastest-growing social housing sectors!

Asset Insurance (Close Brothers)

Minimum Income Guaranteed Return of 10% Per Annum

Security (Tenant For Life)

Choose to receive your returns monthly, quarterly or annually.

No administration fees or hidden costs.

No Stamp Duty

First return paid in 60 days.

6 Year proven track record

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