Hassle-free Property Investment

Property remains to be one of the more popular forms of investing because of the returns available in the UK market, with the diminishing attractiveness of the buy-to-let investments due to significant dilution of the tax advantages in recent years, the savvy investor will look for new concepts to tap into the market.


We aim help investors navigate the shifting landscape of property investment all our opportunities are rigorously scrutinised, and we only continuously provide investors with transparent information for each project, we give you the freedom to pick and choose investments that most appeal to you.

Investing in the Future

Welcome to Concept Capital Group

We are committed to responsible investing. We ensure that this principle and all values are a pivotal part of our managing systems. We wish to deliver investments that make a difference as well as outcomes that matter most to today’s investor.


We are keen on building relationships with long‑term investors. To garner such a connection our investment teams leverage our insight into environmental, social and governance issues. Using trends and key insight to help us understand the risks that could hit our investments and discover new investment opportunities. to their portfolio. Responsible investment is the best way to get long term returns as bad practices don’t just hit the headlines, they hit the bottom line as well. We bring our investors sustainable growth

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