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Dr Mark Prince Obe

The Kiyan Prince Foundation is a charity that provides life coaching and sports to empower young individuals and promote a violent-free society. The charity was built in memory of Kiyan Prince, a loving and caring football player and star of the QPR academy, who passed away in a brutal attack while defending an innocent individual. Dr. Mark Prince, his father, started Kiyan Prince Foundation to ensure that youngsters like his son have a more secure environment and can thrive in their lives through ongoing empowerment and life coaching.

What Kiyan Prince Foundation Offers:

  • Empowering motivation speeches that are aimed to touch the hearts and minds of young individuals. 
  • Professional boxing training, motivating youngsters helping them develop character at an early stage in life.
  • Interactive educational workshops that are targeted towards helping young individuals reach their fullest potential and achieve their ambitions.

At Concept Capital Group, we are proud to support The Kiyan Prince Foundation to inspire future champions. We are also a sponsor of The Dr. Prince Show, a talk show which focuses on the inspiring life journeys of some of the biggest stars from sports and entertainment. Being a socially impactful business that aims towards making a difference in society, we believe that empowering today’s youth and enabling them to reach their fullest potential in life can bring forward a brighter future for us all.