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Want to become a partner? Here's how

Primarily, we understand what our potential partners do to find out if we could mutually benefit through a partner. Following that, we provide our prospective partner with details of our company and the benefits of partnering with us.

If the potential partner is interested, we create a strategy to ensure the partnership benefits both parties & adds value to the potential partner. After mutual consent, we share further information with the potential partner regarding the opportunities we offer.

Finally, an agreement is signed by our partner and all relevant documentation is exchanged. Our business development team makes sure they remain in touch with our partners, provide relevant feedback, and check that our partners receive ongoing support or commission within seven days of sales.

We can offer you:

An added revenue stream for your business through commission per sale
Invitations to dinners, shows, and entertainment events
Access to our FCA regulated currency partner to help with business requirements

Please note: Management and aftercare of clients is solely handled by Concept Capital Group unless agreed elsewhere.