PURCHASE AGREEMENT SCHEDULE - Full Occupancy Prefabricated Static Unit (Auction)

Part 1

Products and Product Prices

Product Name: Prefabricated Static Homes means a residential static home/mobile home as per the product specification manufactured by the Manufacturer.

Product Price: TBC


Part 2

Consideration given for Buy-Back

No depreciation for 12 years, all consideration is at the original price paid for the product price of; TBC

Unit sold 12+ years                    



Schedule 2

Product Specification –

BS3632 Building regulation quality standard

Part 1

1.1 Double glazed windows

1.2 Bathroom extractor fan

1.3 Integrated oven, hob and extractor

1.4 LED strip lighting in main bedroom

1.5 Gas central heating 28KW

1.6 Internal LED spotlights throughout

1.7 LED spotlights in kitchen kick boards

1.8 LED spotlights in external roof peaks & front canopy

1.9 Adam Abbey fireplace in stone effect


Part 2

2.1 Two Static Home size variation options from - “36 x 12” and “39 x 12”

2.2 Multiple configurations available - 2-3 bedrooms and 3 kitchen variation

2.3. 3 upgrade packages available.


Schedule 3

Right of First Refusal

3.1 If, at any time during the ROFR Period, the “Buyer” receives a bona fide written offer for a Third-Party Transaction that the “Buyer” desires to accept a "Third-Party Offer", the “Buyer” shall immediately do the following:

(a) within 5 days following receipt of the Third-Party Offer, prior to the expiration of the ROFR Period, notify the “Seller” in writing (the "Offer Notice") of the identity of all proposed parties to such Third-Party Transaction

(b) notify the seller of the material financial and other terms and conditions of such Third-Party Offer (the "Material Terms").

Each Offer Notice constitutes an offer made by the “Buyer” to enter into an agreement with the “Seller” on the same Material Terms of such Third-Party Offer (the "ROFR Offer").

3.2 At any time prior to the expiration of the 28-day period following the “seller’s” receipt of the Offer Notice (the "Exercise Period"), the “Seller” may accept the ROFR Offer by delivery to the “Buyer” of a written notice of acceptance/binding letter of intent containing the Material Terms and any standard and customary conditions applicable to a transaction of this nature.

3.3 If, by the expiration of the Exercise Period, the “Seller” has not accepted the ROFR Offer, and provided that the “Buyer” has complied with all of the provisions of this Schedule 3 at any time during the 28 day period following the expiration of the Exercise Period, the “Buyer” may consummate the Third-Party Transaction with the counterparty identified in the applicable Offer Notice on Material Terms that are the same or more favourable to the “Buyer” as the Material Terms set forth in the Offer Notice.

3.4 If such Third-Party Transaction is not consummated within a 28-day period, the terms and conditions of this Schedule 3 will again apply, and the “Buyer” shall not enter into any Third-Party Transaction during the ROFR Period without affording the “Seller” the right of first refusal on the terms and conditions of this Schedule 3

3.5 For the avoidance of doubt, the terms and conditions of this Schedule 3 apply to each Third-Party Offer received by the “Buyer” during the ROFR Period.


Schedule 1

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