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BLOG: 3 Major Buy-to-Let Opportunities for Investors in 2024

The promise of buy-to-let property investment has drawn many expectant parties to the private rented sector in the last several years. Since the year 2000,...

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BLOG: 3 Major Challenges for Buy-to-Let Investors in 2024
With the general election next month, we look at the viability of buy-to-let property investment in 2024 and its challenges going into 2025....
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BLOG: The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill: What to Look Out For
The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill could be a game-changer for ground rent and the UK housing market. Find out why in our latest blog!...
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BLOG: Is the Middle Class Being Swallowed by Housing Costs?
Is the middle class at risk of disappearing as the cost of living increases? Here’s how housing costs are harming middle-income households....
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BLOG: Stamp Duty: Stamping It Out for a Fairer Housing Market
Stamp Duty Land Tax has been a staple of property purchases for years, but could its abolition be just what today’s housing market needs?...
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BLOG: Affordable Housing: Is UK Housebuilding Back On Track
Affordable housing has been long-promised and historically underdelivered. Could 2024 be a fresh start for housebuilding and affordability?...
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BLOG: How the Cost of Living Crisis Hits Women Hardest
In a cost of living crisis, women often face uniquely gendered challenges. Read this special Women’s History Month blog to find out why....
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BLOG: Covid and the Housing Market Four Years Later
It's been four years since the COVID-19 pandemic and the housing market is still recovering. Get the low-down on the lockdown in this blog!...
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