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BLOG: Ernest Moore - We Need to Change Minds About Climate Change - Energy Efficiency, Social Housing
How can social housing help with climate change, energy efficiency and carbon emissions? Ernest Moore is here to explain it all!...
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BLOG: The Science of Why Women Are Less Confident Investors - Female Investment, Woman Investors Blog
Women are less financially confident and invested than men, but the science behind this gender gap may be more complex than you’d think......
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BLOG: How the Cost of Living Crisis Hits Women Hardest
In a cost of living crisis, women often face uniquely gendered challenges. Read this special Women’s History Month blog to find out why....
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BLOG: Gone But Not Retired: How Housing is Failing Older People
Older people in the UK face unique challenges caused by the cost of living and housing crises. Read our new housing market blog for more....
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BLOG: Why Temporary Accommodation Has Permanent Problems - Social Housing

With a homelessness and rough sleeping crisis gripping the UK, it should come as no surprise that temporary accommodation is under a tremendous burden. Once...

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3 Reasons Social Housing Needs Private Investors

Everyone deserves to live in a warm, secure home with a roof over their heads, but for many of the UK’s lowest-income renters, the current...

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How Housing Impacts Mental Health

With a recent report from the Guardian revealing that living in private rented housing is linked to rapid biological ageing, the question of how much of an...

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Learning from a History of BME Housing Associations

It has been just over 15 years since Ujima, one of the UK’s first and most successful BME housing associations, fell into bankruptcy and closed its...

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