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What Is A Modular Home?

Modular homes are unique in their use of modern methods of construction to streamline the manufacturing process and limit the amount of resources used. With modular construction, each home is standardised and assembled in a factory before being transported to one of our sites for placement, ensuring a consistency of quality and production time that makes them adept at addressing housing shortages.

Modular homes can maximise the efficiency and affordability of housebuilding, speeding build times by an estimated average of 50% and cutting manufacturing costs by an added 20%. By employing more sustainable materials and relying on controlled factory conditions, our modular homes offer flexibility and eco-friendliness that blend with innovative, market-leading design and technology to embody the future of comfortable living for low-income households.

At Concept Capital Group, we tailor our homes to the needs of the vulnerable tenants we support while accommodating the goals and interests of investors like you. By building to the British Standards Institution’s BS3632 specifications for year-round residential living, we ensure that each home can serve as a well-insulated safe haven for vulnerable tenants, no matter the weather.


Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped bathrooms

Double-glazed doors and windows

Gas central heating

Fully Insured

Full ventilation throughout

LED strip lighting

28KW internal LED spotlights

An Adam Abbey fireplace set in stone

A minimum EPC rating of C

Why Invest In Modular Homes?

Investing in a modular home means investing in the future of residential property and the renters who need it. With a non-speculative net annual yield of 10% and a minimum assured ROI of £4,299 per year, you can be confident that your product will also help secure your financial future through a fully managed, non-depreciating asset that stays in demand. No void periods, no mortgages and no hidden fees – that’s the modular method.

Advantages Of A Modular Investment

As a fully managed and hassle-free buy-to-let investment our homes offer truly passive income. Our team will deposit each monthly payment directly to your bank account, ensuring you will never have to lift a finger to enjoy the benefits of your investment.

What Is Ethical Investing?

Ethical investing, also known as social impact investing, refers to an investment strategy that factors environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into decision-making when seeking investment opportunities. It involves selecting investments based on potential social impact and alignment with one’s ethical values, not just profitability
At Concept Capital Group, we offer a distinctive ethical investment opportunity for clients who want to secure consistent passive income while addressing one of the most pressing social issues facing the UK today: the housing crisis.

When you purchase one of our properties, you provide a vulnerable individual or household with a safe, stable, and high quality affordable home that can shelter them from the unreliability of temporary accommodation. And, with our team supporting you every step of the way, doing so is as easy as it is socially impactful.

According to a study by Stanford University, there has been a shift towards ethical investing in recent years. Findings from the study revealed:

70% of investors aged 18-41

said they were very concerned about environmental issues compared to 35% of older investors.

65% of investors aged 18-41

said they were very concerned about social issues compared to 30% of older investors.

64% of investors aged 18-41

would pay moderate or large amounts of capital to have companies they’re invested in reach net zero by 2050.

173% projected growth

in the UK’s socially responsible investing market by 2027.

56% of UK investors

increased their financial allocations to ethical funds and assets over the last five years.

76% growth

in the frequency of integrating ESG factors into investment decisions within the UK throughout 2018 compared to the rest of Europe.

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) most recent Financial Lives Survey also showed that 81% of UK adults wanted the money they invested to have a social impact while providing a financial return.

With the growth in popularity of ESG causes among businesses and consumers, the scope for ethical investors to find assets, stocks and funds they identify with is greater than ever.

Quality Assurance In Our Homes

As leading specialists in buy-to-let modular housing specially designed for vulnerable and low-income tenants, we understand the vital importance of regulation in ensuring everything from the construction process to how we handle tenants is as transparent and accredited as possible. With over five years of trading history behind us, we have cultivated qualifications that reassure our clients and tenants that they are always in good hands.

At the production level, we manufacture our materials and building components under carefully vetted factory conditions subject to regular ISO checks. Our wholly internal supply chain takes our homes from factory to placement, reducing waste and guaranteeing consistent quality throughout the buying process. We build each home to the British Standards Institution’s BS3642 specifications for year-round residential living, assuring consistent comfort and quality for tenants from Spring to Winter.

These specifications ensure the following features:

Increased wall, flooring and roof insulation

Double glazed windows as a requirement

Central heating and improved ventilation systems

A-rated appliances, including low energy (LED) lighting

Soundproofing throughout walls

The use of alternative and renewable energy sources

TMV2 / TMV3 thermostatic control of a domestic hot water supply

We design our modular homes to remain liveable for up to 50 years to maximise their sustainability and minimise their environmental impact, allowing vulnerable and low-income tenants to enjoy long-term residential stability while investors benefit from an asset built to last.

Our Products

Buy-To-Let Modular Homes

Our modular homes blend modern design principles with the adaptability of modular construction to maximise comfort, sustainability and build efficiency at an accessible price. Built to the British Standard Institution’s BS3632 specifications for year-round residential living, our homes are liveable for a minimum of 25 years and designed to meet the latest minimum EPC ratings for energy efficiency.


Up to 12 Years

ROI: 10%

Fully Managed

Fully Insured

1st Payment in 90 Days


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