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With modern amenities and sustainable materials, our properties redefine affordable, ethical living.

A Better Breed Of Buy-To-Let

Buy-to-let residential property has been a staple for investors seeking secure, long-term investments that promise steady passive income. But diversifying your portfolio with high-quality rental property is often easier said than done, especially in the current housing market.

With house prices falling in 80% of UK markets in 2023, interest rates rising, and mortgage approvals hitting record lows, navigating the private rented sector has become riskier than many property investors and landlords are comfortable with. And, as competition from major real estate companies and investment firms over the short supply of housing continues, everyday investors may not always be able to purchase ready-to-rent homes that don’t require an unmanageable commitment of time, money and effort.

Investing in a buy-to-let modular home from Concept Capital Group removes the obstacles of inflated mortgage rates, property management or retrofitting associated with traditional buy-to-let property. For just £42,999, you can unlock a comfortable source of fully passive income where the property and tenants are managed entirely by our team of housing experts.

2-3 Bedroom Modular Homes

Built to support long-term residential living, our modular homes use modern methods of construction to achieve the feel and comfort of traditional housing at a fraction of the cost. With double-glazed windows, central heating, extensive ventilation and energy efficient appliances, these homes are eco-friendly and suited to tenants from all backgrounds.


Up to 12 Years

ROI: 10%

Fully Managed

Fully Insured

1st Payment in 90 Days

Investment Opportunity In Numbers

Per Home
£ 0
Per Month
£ 0
Per Annum
£ 0
Annual ROI
0 %
0 %
in Hidden Fees
£ 0

3 Easy Steps To Investing With Concept Capital Group


You give our specialists a call…
They’ll talk you through the details of our opportunity, carry out due diligence and design an investment package that’s perfect for you.
We build (and place) your home…
Once the paperwork is all signed and your payment is processed, we’ll construct and deliver your new modular home to one of our sites.


You get hassle-free passive income!
You’ll receive your first rental payment within 90 days of purchase – no hidden fees, no additional terms and no hassle!

Meet Our Director

Ian Anthony Elliot
CCG Director
With over 15 years of experience in property development and construction, Ian Elliot has developed an almost prophetic insight into the housing market. Always on the lookout for new trends with the potential to redefine the way we look at property, Ian founded Concept Capital Group to harness the power of modular construction in creating a more affordable and equitable private rented sector. As the Director of CCG, Ian uses his vast network of connections and wealth of knowledge to serve as the strategic visionary of our team of property experts.

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