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As a people-centric company, Concept Capital Group puts its team first.

How We Made History

Concept Capital Group was founded to transform the housing market into one that is more affordable for and supportive towards everyday investors and their tenants.

What began as a case of shared ideals between the company’s founders took on a new life with the 2015 introduction of the British Standards Institution’s updated BS3632 standards for year-round residential living in park homes. With the space becoming significantly better regulated and technology advancing rapidly, modularly constructed homes had evolved from a post-war holdover to a viable, cost-effective solution to the decades-long housing shortage gripping the UK.

In 2016, international investment firm Cheval Equity capitalised on the new universal standard for park homes to secure a position as the sole supplier and industry leader in modular park homes as social housing. When Concept Capital Group was formed two years later, we campaigned to win the license to become the sole sales and investment provider for Cheval Equity’s newly developed suite of modular homes.

Now working towards its goal of placing the UK’s most vulnerable households in homes that offered a superior standard of living capable of rivalling traditional brick-and-mortar property, Concept Capital Group branched out into partnerships with charitable organisations and real estate companies, including Hammonds, Zoopla and the Salvation Army. By 2021, we had partnered with a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated finance provider to offer loan options for our homes. As a result, we became an approved representative and authorised by the FCA.

With the strength of these partnerships behind us, we launched our management company, Modular Vanguard, in 2022 to help grow our portfolio of products beyond buy-to-let modular park homes and into new areas combining the proven effectiveness of modular construction with the high-growth area that is residential property. Now in our fourth year of business and bringing in our highest sales numbers ever, Concept Capital Group is poised to reach new heights of modular mastery.

And to do it, we’ll need investors like you.

What Concept Capital Group Stands For

People-Centric Property

We put individuals at the centre of our business strategy. Whether it’s working with clients or tenants, we prioritise long-term mutual success and personalised approaches.

Quality & Innovation

We use modular construction and other modern solutions to the housing crisis, investing in the latest technology, trends and methods to support a stronger, safer property market for all.

Social Impact

We use social impact as a metric for success. Every product, partnership and ESG principle we commit to champions prominent social and economic challenges.

Equality & Inclusion

By providing a more modern approach to affordable property investment, we work to democratise the housing market and create equal opportunities both externally and internally.


We prioritise clarity of communication and purpose in all we do. Investing can be complicated, so we strive to simplify it for everyday investors.

Investing In The Future

We treat every home like a forever home. As the world evolves and changes, the housing market of tomorrow will rely on a future-oriented approach to housebuilding.

A statement from our founder

Concept Capital Group was born from the simple yet essential idea that housing is a fundamental human right. And yet, millions of people across the UK are denied access to stable and secure places to live due to chronic, widespread issues with affordability and supply.

We have committed years of planning and research towards developing an ideal, modern solution to the UK housing crisis. We facilitate the rapid deployment of high-quality affordable property across the UK by giving everyday investors the tools they need to pursue their financial future.

Togetherness is at the core of our mission statement. By coordinating our efforts and relying on the revolutionary principles of modular construction, we can provide the UK’s most vulnerable households with the housing they need and deserve.

Ian Anthony Elliot
Managing Director

Meet The Concept Capital Group Team

We’ve assembled a team of property experts with decades of experience between them, all dedicated to making buy-to-let property investment smoother and more affordable for everyone. Led by visionary and passonate professionals, the team at Concept Capital Group works tirelessly towards this common goal at every level of our organisation. Here are a few key members of our team:

Ayub Swaibu - Managing Director, Concept Capital Group

Ayub Swaibu

Managing Director

Trechana Matthews

Head of Operations

Cassie Foley

Senior Marketing Manager

Adrian Felix

Head of Business Development

Priya Rai
Relationship Manager

Ernest Moore

Principal Account Manager

David Cacin

David Cacin

Associate Account Manager

Becoming A Partner With Concept Capital Group

We work with select organisations and individuals to drive our mission forward. Interested in becoming a referrer? Let’s talk.

Our Charities

By collaborating with charitable organisations, we work to create lasting social impact in local communities across the UK that extends beyond our products and services. Our commitment to social responsibility includes working with a growing roster of charity partners to develop solutions and fundraise for causes that we deeply value as a team.

We use ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) factors to help guide our decision-making at a charitable and corporate level, ensuring our strategy considers the collective interests of all Concept Capital Group stakeholders.

Our Products

Buy-To-Let Modular Homes

Our modular homes blend modern design principles with the adaptability of modular construction to maximise comfort, sustainability and build efficiency at an accessible price. Built to the British Standard Institution’s BS3632 specifications for year-round residential living, our homes are liveable for a minimum of 25 years and designed to meet the latest minimum EPC ratings for energy efficiency.


Up to 12 Years

ROI: 10%

Fully Managed

Fully Insured

1st Payment in 90 Days


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