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Investing with Concept Capital Group means investing in simplicity. Here’s why…

Why Invest With Concept Capital Group?

At Concept Capital Group, we believe that everyone should be able to invest in property without worrying about running into annoying obstacles or confusing developments. That’s why our seasoned team of property experts has been trained to provide you with the trust, transparency and accessibility you need to reach your financial goals without all the detours.

Using our combined wealth of experience and an extensive industry network, we harness data-driven insights to guide our decision-making and ensure we offer you the best modular property investment opportunities in our current market. Our highly personalised approach to buy-to-let property means the liquidity, risk tolerance and unique circumstances of all investors are accounted for at the processing stage, allowing us to develop a deal perfectly attuned to you.

Whether you’re an international investor hoping to enter a new market, an experienced property investor hunting for a flexible, hassle-free addition to your portfolio or a first-time landlord who wants to spend less on a risk averse property, we cater to a diverse range of portfolios and profiles, offering social impact opportunities, data transparency, management services and even educational resources to help guide you towards your very own bright future in property investment.

What To Expect From Your Investment

  • High yield passive income starting from £4,299 per annum
  • Full ownership of a mortgage-free buy-to-let modular home
  • Free access to our property and tenancy management services
  • Free access to over 136 UK sites for placing your modular home
  • All-inclusive property insurance for the full value of your modular home
  • A 12-year buy-to-let contract with exit opportunities every two years
  • Options to resell your home for its full value when exiting your investment
  • A specialist CCG consultant to guide you through your investment

Our Business Strategy

People-Centric Property

We put individuals at the centre of our business strategy. Whether we’re working with clients or tenants, we prioritise long-term mutual success and personalised approaches.


We use modular construction and other modern solutions to the housing crisis, investing in the latest technology, trends and methods to support a stronger property market for all.

Social Impact

We make social impact a leading metric for success. Every product, partnership and ESG principle we commit to champions prominent social and economic challenges.

Our continued commitment to bettering the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable individuals by providing affordable housing that avoids the pitfalls of conventional and alternative property is the defining principle behind Concept Capital Group.

By connecting everyday investors to everyday people, we place a unique precedent on ethical investment that balances profitability and consistency with real, measurable social impact.

Through modular construction, we can offer a cleaner, faster route to property development that puts affordability front and centre while continuing to provide investors with access to the high-yield passive income they need.

Together, we can fight the UK’s housing crisis with high-quality, accessible housing that offers all the comfort of brick and mortar at a fraction of the cost.

Why Buy-To-Let Modular Housing?

Modular construction is not a fad – it’s a rapidly growing global industry that is increasingly relied upon for its potential to transform the housing market for the better.

According to a 2019 study by global professional services agency McKinsey, modular construction can speed the construction process by as much as 50% while cutting costs by 20%. With a global market size projected to reach USD 120.4 billion by 2027, modular construction has the potential to be a long-term solution to housing shortages everywhere.

A Global Market Size Of USD 120 Billion

Our investment opportunity uses buy-to-let modular housing to significantly reduce the associated costs and turnover of residential property development, allowing for the streamlined placement of affordable housing on a national scale. With 136+ sites across the UK, we can fill gaps in the housing market while offering investors across the world consistent returns on an asset with an assured quality and heavily in demand.

Financing Your Purchase

While we recommend every potential client comes ready to invest with £42,999, we appreciate that not everyone willing to invest has the resources to do so.

To support inclusion and accessibility in investing, we offer financing options through our partner company. If you would like to enquire about borrowing towards the price of your modular property investment, contact our team to speak to a consultant.

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