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We’re a specialist property investment company that blends the efficiency of modular housing with the ease of full property management.

You buy a home, and we place it on one of our 136+ sites. Our property management team then fills it with pre-qualified tenants and sends your monthly rental directly to your account.

You can even expect your first rental payment within 90 days of purchase!

A single payment of £42,999 is all it takes to get full ownership of one of our properties.

You’ll even get access to our full property management services and 12 years of insurance, guaranteeing that your home will retain a fixed value with zero hidden fees.

With a high-yielding annual ROI of 10%, you’ll earn £4,299 a year in assured monthly rental payments.

Of course! All you have to do is pay a visit to our website. You can also request a free copy of our brochure!

Anytime, anywhere! But, with a limited number of homes and high demand, booking a call now may keep you from being waitlisted later.

We have 136+ sites across the UK for placing purchased modular homes. If you’d like to know more about specific locations or discuss the possibility of a site visit, you can contact our team today.

Our homes are not intended for personal use but as an investment opportunity. The tenants we place in these homes are selected from a pre-approved list of vulnerable individuals who qualify for affordable housing.

The full contractual length of our property investment opportunity is 12 years, with exit options available every two years. You can use these exit options to sell your home when you’re ready to leave. Should you choose to keep your home instead, all you’ll have to do is arrange to have it placed on your own land.

As an investor with Concept Capital Group, you will never have to pay for the land on which we place your home, elimitating one of the most costly expenses associated with property investment for our investors.

Concept Capital Group Ltd. is a registered company in England and Wales with a company number of 12286171. Our registered office is at The News Building, 3 London Bridge Street, 3rd Floor, London, England, SE1 9SG.

Our homes are factory-built using sustainable, cost-effective methods and materials. By fully internalising our supply chain and placing our homes on Concept Capital Group land, we significantly reduce the costs associated with land rental fees and shipping, delivering the best possible investment opportunity at an affordable price.

We insure our properties against damage and void periods, assuring consistent rental income payments. Our property management service offers our clients added security by regularly maintaining and inspecting your home.

Not at all! All management and maintenance fees, including site fees, are handled by Concept Capital Group and have no bearing on your own costs or rental income.

Our homes are purchasable by anyone above 18 years of age with access to £42,999. They are also purchasable through a trust, company, or charity not restricted by the law of its governing jurisdiction. International investors may also inquire about purchasing a Concept Capital Group home.

We strongly recommend consulting with an advisor before making a pivotal investment decision. Ideally, your advisor should be authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and specialise in buy-to-let property investment.

Our homes are purchased, insured and maintained at a fixed value, meaning they won’t depreciate or appreciate over time. As property values are largely a result of changing land or site value, modular homes are not subject to the same frequenty price changes. This does not apply to adjusting for inflation.

The tax applicable to your property ownership will depend on your circumstances. You can discuss this in further detail with one of our sales consultants when you book a call.

If you change your mind after filling in an application, you can cancel it in writing within seven days of the date we receive your payment.

While we strongly recommend that our clients only purchase once they have the required funding, we offer financing options through our lending partner. To find out more, contact our team today.

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