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Covid and the Housing Market Four Years Later
It's been four years since the COVID-19 pandemic and the housing market is still recovering. Get the low-down on the lockdown in this blog!...
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Are International Investors About To Be Shipped Out
England has long invited international investors into its property market, but could they soon be sidelined to protect housing affordability? ...
Concept Capital Group
Generation Rent: Young People in the UK Housing Crisis
Young people are facing one of the worst housing markets in history. Explore how the housing crisis has given rise to ‘Generation Rent’!...
Concept Capital Group
Spring 'Bounce' in House Prices May Flatten Seasonal Property Investors
Can property investment and house prices be seasonal? As spring approaches, we're looking at why it may be the month for property investment....
Concept Capital Group
How Will Mortgages Look in 2024?
This year could bring some hope for interest and mortgage rates. See what 2024's housing market has in store in our mortgage forecast....
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3 Things to Expect from 2024’s Housing Market

For property investors and landlords alike, this year has been one marked by unpredictability. Fluctuating mortgage rates have kept would-be homebuyers and unlucky homeowners in...

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Mortgage Meltdown The Worrying Future Of The UK Housing Market

For those unfortunate enough to be seeking a new home or a property investment opportunity in what has been noted as one of the worst times...

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Revolutionise Housebuilding

Artificial intelligence has recently evolved from a science-fiction staple understood by a small few to a hotly debated topic rapidly manifesting itself in a practical,...

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