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BLOG: What’s Next for Concept Capital Group in 2024?
Ready to start your property investment journey? Get in on the ground floor of modular homes with Concept Capital Group's plans for 2024....
Concept Capital Group
BLOG: 3 Things to Expect from 2024’s Housing Market

For property investors and landlords alike, this year has been one marked by unpredictability. Fluctuating mortgage rates have kept would-be homebuyers and unlucky homeowners in...

Concept Capital Group
How Modular Housing Can Help Reach The Future Homes Standard 2025

Modular construction has long been seen as a cost-effective solution to addressing the housing crisis, but recent developments in the UK’s net zero commitment may...

Concept Capital Group
The Promising Future of Modular Construction

The team at Concept Capital Group knows modular construction and part of the reason we’re so invested in putting modular homes on the map is...

Concept Capital Group
David Cacin – Modular Homes Aren’t An Option They’re A Necessity

The UK has always had a complicated relationship with modular housing. In many ways, modern modular homes are still being viewed through the smudged lens...

Concept Capital Group
A Guide to Fully-Managed Social Property Investment

What is a Fully-Managed Social Property Investment? Buy-to-let properties have been a reliable source of passive income for investors for decades. The appeal of being...

Concept Capital Group
How Are Prefabricated And Modular Homes Being Used For UK Social Housing

What Is Social Housing? In the UK, the term “social housing” refers to low-cost housing provided by government programming. People without the funds to buy...

Concept Capital Group
Prefabricated Homes And Sustainability
Explore the eco-friendly advantages of sustainable prefabricated homes for social housing investment in this new Concept Capital Group blog....
Concept Capital Group

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