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The number of homeless people in the UK has been on the rise for the preceding five years. Furthermore, research makes it evident that the number 1 cause of homelessness in the UK is lack of affordable housing, followed by poverty and unemployment. With thousands of people on the councils waiting list for housing, some face ten years on the register.


The current housing crisis in the UK is likely to worsen unless we, as a community, intensify efforts to implement sustainable housing solutions. Concept Capital Group is proud to have designed an innovative and strategic housing solution that generates homes for those in need and provides our clients with a hassle-free passive income for years to come.


  • 2015

    Introduction of BS3632

    Updated legislation that ensures Buy-to-Let Park Homes are manufactured to an increased standard, providing conditions that are suitable for permanent residence.

  • 2016

    Partners enter the market

    Wyldecrest, spearheaded by Alfie Best, leverage the new standard and grow to become Europe’s biggest park home provider.

  • 2018

    Exculsive Partnership

    Concept Capital Group win the licence to become the sole sales and investment provider for the group.

  • 2020


    Concept Capital Group expand operations and raise over £1.5 million in 8 months. Housing over 120 individuals.

As an investor, our buy to let opportunity allows you to obtain a passive income stream of £358.33 each month. This adds up to an annual income of £4,299.00 and a minimum annual yield of 10%. However, our monthly allocation is only 30 units, and we sell these on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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