Figuring out where to invest and how to invest can be challenging – especially for beginners. While Buy-To-Let property investments are a highly attractive way to grow your capital, they can be pretty demanding. Buying the property is the easy part. Once you’ve bought the property, you’ve to place a suitable tenant, collect the rental income, ensure that the home is well-managed and insured, and a lot more.

Luckily, Concept Capital Group offers clients fully managed Buy to Let opportunities. Once you purchase one of our prefabricated homes, we will begin its production, furnish it to a high standard, place a suitable tenant in the property, and manage the property all year round. All you have to do is buy the property, sit back, and enjoy a regular passive income.

Continue reading this article to discover the benefits of Buy to Let investments and why Concept Capital Group’s Buy to Let opportunity might suit you.

Benefits of Buy to Let

A fixed passive income

The top reason people find Buy-To-Let investments attractive is that they allow you to generate a passive income stream. Receiving a monthly income straight into your account can provide you with financial freedom and mental peace.

As Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. Every individual or family in this time & age should focus on generating a passive income stream to achieve financial comfort.

Capital Growth

If you purchase a property that is likely to increase value, you can benefit from exponential capital growth. However, if you purchase a property that depreciates, you can still grow your capital. How? Simply by timing the investment accordingly. If you enjoy high yield returns on the property and sell it before it depreciates, you can potentially grow your profit to a great extent.

The best part is that the property is an asset that can be sold to profit later in life. Property prices often increase if the property is held onto for an extended period.

Insurance on property

Having insurance on your Buy-To-Let property makes it an even more secure investment. Simply because any loss in rental income or damage to property will be covered, this creates a worry-free situation for the property owner.

So, in short, you can own a buy-to-let property without having to worry about damages or rental losses.

How is Concept Capital Group’s buy to let opportunity unique and hassle-free?

Concept Capital Group’s Buy-To-Let properties are fully managed by the company. Once our client purchases the property, we build it, furnish it, find a suitable tenant, and then send our clients their monthly rental income.

The best part is that our Buy-To-Let properties start at only £42,999. The reason behind that is we are selling the home only and arranging the land for the homes through exclusive partnerships. If you purchase a property and keep it for two years, you can enjoy minimum yields of 10% and sell the property back to us for its buying price.

Our Buy-To-Let opportunities offer:

  • High yields
  • Stable passive income
  • Full management
  • Buy-back guarantee

Get in touch with us now to learn more about our Buy-To-Let opportunities. You can reach out through our enquiry form on the website, or you can simply email us at sales@Concept-capital-group.com.

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