Nothing puts it all into perspective like a new year! Our 2023 has been filled with opportunity, growth and change. Why not relive some of our key #TeamCCG moments as we prepare to make the new year another whirlwind of progress in all things modular housing?

Building and Expanding Our Brand

We kicked off 2023 with a wave of recruitment to help build our brand into the stratosphere. It all started with a commitment to developing our Marketing Department, social media presence and charity partnerships, which we ultimately ended up accomplishing over the year.

Our South African branch opened its doors, finally taking #TeamCCG to the international stage in our fourth year of business. Since being established, Concept Capital Group South Africa has worked diligently to place our contemporary modular homes in the developing communities that need them.

We also released ‘Social Housing Investment and Vulnerable Women’, one of our most successful and evergreen blogs which helped establish our new focus on helping potential clients and investors understand the market on both a social and an economic level.

Becoming a New Concept Capital Group

As we entered the second and third quarters of the year, our efforts to establish a new internal and external identity bore fruit. Our social media activity accelerated as we released new content to match this repositioning, and we officially announced some of the recent additions recruited to help accelerate our growth.

We celebrated national and international observances like World Ocean Day, hosting a special talk for the members of #TeamCCG courtesy of Dr Marco Graziano from the University of East Anglia. Our full-fledged Marketing team attended events and workshops to help build out their skills. All in all, we fully stepped into our new identity as #TeamCCG.

Ringing in the New Year

The final few months of this year have arguably been some of the busiest Concept Capital Group has ever experienced.

As we celebrated our fourth anniversary, we finalised long-existing plans to move our growing Marketing Department from our London Bridge headquarters to a beautifully decorated new office near Cannon Street. We also prepared for the new year by unlocking new opportunities for our Sales Department, including corporate partnerships, new site openings throughout the UK and infrastructural changes to help them place modular homes on the map.

What’s Next for Concept Capital Group?

With just a few more days until 2024, our team has already fleshed out new strategic pathways for mirroring 2023’s success.

These include:

  • Adaptable modular homes designed for assisted living to help increase the breadth of vulnerable individuals our properties can support
  • New charitable fundraising for an integrity-based education platform for official sports governing organisations
  • A range of new products for building affordable rent and affordable home properties
  • Onboarding our first wave of institutional clients for scaling our company-owned fleet of homes

Be sure to check back next week for the full details of what we have planned for 2024.

Until then, on behalf of everyone here at #TeamCCG, we thank you for your time and engagement throughout 2023, and we hope you will continue to support us as we enter our fifth year of business.

To find out more about investing in our high-quality modular homes in 2024, contact our team today.

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