It’s been a strong year for Concept Capital Group. With our sales figures reaching new highs in the first quarter of 2023, we’d like to take the opportunity to announce this year’s hires and thank them for their efforts in pushing our company towards its next growth stage.

In a housing market plagued by problems like growing homelessness and rising interest rates, it’s easy to let the importance of tackling the bad outweigh the value of highlighting the good. Our team of exceptional new hires have already committed themselves to improving our company. With their combined efforts, we have not only been able to put the magic of modular homes in the hands of more investors and renters than ever before but also build out our corporate culture to better support corporate social responsibility, team building, upskilling and more.

In that spirit, we would like to extend a warm, public welcome to the following 2023 additions to our team, complete with a fun fact they shared about themselves:

  • Michela Apice – Office Manager
    • Michela is the office fashionista, with a huge collection of sunglasses she’s been building for years! 
  • Denis Cocilnau – Principal Broker
    •  Denis used to play Rugby at a national level and has participated in cycling marathons!
  • Shaquille Francis – Copywriter
    • Shaquille is a former stand-up comedian, a published author and an award-winning scriptwriter!
  • Pranitha Munagapati – Associate Broker
    • Pranitha is a freestyle dancer, national-level swimmer and former model who runs her own clothing line!
  • Anthony Puch – Conversions Manager
    • Anthony is a data wizard who used to run his own company. He’s also doing some DJing on the side!
  • Yoshini Sockalingum – Graphic Designer
    • Yoshini is not just a great cook of Mauritian cuisine, but also a huge fan of action movies and cars!

As a company that specialises in property management from a very people-oriented perspective, we at Concept Capital Group have a strong appreciation for the role of individuals in shaping the growth of the property market. As such, we’d also like to share some of how our new hires are helping us put modular on the map.

Making the Most Out of Marketing

If Sales is the lifeblood of a growing company, Marketing is the beating heart that keeps it pumping. In 2023, we have redoubled our commitment to scaling our business by expanding our marketing team with three new members – Shaquille, Anthony and Yoshini. The new four-person Marketing team led by Cassie Foley have already started to get along perfectly (with the exception of a running “Clumsy Moment” chart they’re all contributing to!)

These exceptionally talented new hires have already been pioneering new and exciting methods for expanding the reach and impact of our brand. As the year progresses, we invite you to follow us on social media and subscribe to our email marketing to see what they have in store for the future of Concept Capital Group.

Refining the Sales Process

Speaking of our Sales team, our runaway success in 2022 has given us the tools and operational confidence to perfect our sales and customer service processes in 2023.

As a company, we are always striving to support financial growth by scaling existing systems to meet increased demand. In addition to more training for new and existing members of the Sales team, we have also been working to improve upon our sales pipeline to ensure our customers continue to enjoy a high standard of service at every level of their investment journey.

Growing Our Mission with a South African Office

With continued growth comes a continued commitment to the value and reliability of our investment opportunities.

The expert team at Concept Capital Group is always standing by to guide you towards hassle-free, fully-managed passive income through modular housing. Achieving financial independence is no small feat, but with an investment of £42,999, you can get a leg up on the property ladder with minimal risk and a guaranteed annual rental income of £4,299. We’ll manage the property and source pre-approved tenants so you can reap the rewards of property ownership with none of the tricky parts.

For a socially impactful buy-to-let investment that gives you more while asking less, contact our team today.

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