What is the difference between Park Homes, Mobile Homes and Caravans?

Park homes are commonly mislabelled as caravans, but they are very different. Park homes are modular constructions built to be permanent, long-term residences. We at Concept Capital Group are the UK’s first investment only providers of innovative property solutions that help to alleviate the demand for affordable housing and Park Homes are one of these solutions. Read on to learn more.

High Quality in Park Homes

Park Homes are maintained to the British Standard Institution’s BS3632 standards. This standard ensures the units are safe and fit-for-purpose as liveable homes all year round. The requirements include factors like insulation, double glazing, appliance details and lighting, just to name a few. The BSI is the national standards body for the UK as well as a Royal Charter. Concept Capital Group cannot stress the significance of this standard enough as it classifies park homes away from caravans and towards permanent homes. Read our article on the BSI and BS3632 standard for more information.

Park Homes are Permanent

Along with everything you would expect from a home, Park Homes are built to stay. They are not meant to be towed and moved about the country; they are designed to be transported once, directly to the site where they will stay for a sustained period. They are more durable and of a higher quality than homes made before the introduction of the 2015 BS3632 regulations, making them more fitting to be a permanent residence.

Adaptability in Park Homes

The modular construction process allows for the designs of Park Homes to be adapted much more easily than traditional homes. For example, our tenants are offered 4 upgrade packages for their homes. During the tenant matching process, our partners Social Park Housing and Knight Mobile Homes provide tenants with the opportunity to upgrade, at no further cost to the investor. There is a choice of 4 packages and over 20 customisable options, providing tenants with a custom-built home.

Low Maintenance Costs

The durable materials that we use to manufacture, along with the experienced manufacturers we partner with, allow us to have complete confidence in our bespoke offers to investors. Not only this, the construction process and materials ensure that the home does not require constant upkeep when in use. However, to preserve the value of the Buy to Let Park Homes and as a favour to our investors, we refurbish the home every 6 years. This ensures we remain compliant with the BS3632 standard and our investors can sit back, relax, and enjoy their investment.

Sustainability in Park Homes

Since the new regulations, Park Homes are more energy-efficient and sound insulated, making them more comfortable and cheaper to run. The double glazing helps energy to be used efficiently and sustainably, as well as keep bills low. During the construction process, factories produce less waste due to controlled environments and processes. The homes are exceptionally durable, if installed and maintained well, and can last the user up to 30 years.

Caravans are so common, and it can be easy to think Park Homes are the same. They have their similarities, but Park Homes are long-lasting, permanent residences made to be homes. Concept Capital Group is proud to be advocate for Park Homes as an affordable housing solution and our Buy-to-let Park Homes Investment Opportunity allows the investor to support this solution too. Give us a call today to hear how Park Homes can provide you with minimum returns of 10% per annum.

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