Why is the BSI BS3632 Standard so important in the Park Home Industry?

The BS3632 Standard is well-known across the Park Homes Industry. At Concept Capital Group we mention it to all our clients and consistently emphasize its significance. But why do we do this? What is the BS3632 standard? Who is The British Standards Institution? And why does it make a difference to you?

Who are the British Standards Institution?

The BSI Group, or The British Standards Institution, established in 1901, is the world’s first national standards body and the creators of the BS3632 Standard. They are the UK’s national standards body, and they produce technical standards for a wide variety of products and services. The BSI is also a company incorporated by Royal Charter and the originators of the BSI Kitemark™.

What is the BSI Kitemark™? As described by the BSI, the Kitemark™ is the ultimate mark of trust by the BSI. The quality mark is owned and operated by BSI and is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety. The BSI Kitemark™ can be seen on hundreds of products, from manhole covers to security locks, from face coverings to extension cords and riding helmets.

What is the BS3632 Standard?

The BS3632 standard was last updated in 2015 and was designed to help manufacturers produce more energy-efficient park homes that cost less to run and are more comfortable to live in. The BS3632 standard ensures prefabricated homes have a reduced carbon footprint to ensure tenants can live economically and sustainably. To learn more about prefabricated construction, read our article here.

The standard specifies how to manufacture residential park homes to ensure they are safe and fit for their purpose. BS3632 standard gives the minimum specification for park homes in terms of ventilation, insulation, stability, and size, for example, as well as dictates requirements for materials used in manufacturing. Without it, manufactures would use building regulations that are ill-suited to park homes. Others might build park homes to unknown standards, which could be unsafe.

Why is the BS3632 Standard so important?

BS3632 sets the target standard for most features of park homes. This includes design, dimensions, materials, fixtures, and structure. Our homes have a lifespan of at least 25 years and, to ensure we always meet the BS3632 standard, our park homes receive a soft refurbishment at 6 years and a full refurbishment at 12 years. Essentially, the BS3632 standard guarantees your park home is always a secure, stable, and liveable long-term permanent residence.

Hopefully, we have highlighted how important the BS3632 standard is to our park homes and our Buy-to-Let Park Home Investment Opportunity. We can guarantee our clients receive the ownership of a high-quality product and that tenants can live comfortably, permanently, and sustainably as a resident in one of our park homes. Contact us today to find out more about our investment opportunity or to talk to our sales team about our investment opportunities.

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