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BLOG: Ernest Moore - We Need to Change Minds About Climate Change - Energy Efficiency, Social Housing
How can social housing help with climate change, energy efficiency and carbon emissions? Ernest Moore is here to explain it all!...
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BLOG: 3 Things Fixed-Income Investing Adds to Your Portfolio Asset Investment
For investors balancing portfolios, fixed-income investments are becoming a popular alternative to high-risk assets. Read on to find out why!...
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BLOG: The Science of Why Women Are Less Confident Investors - Female Investment, Woman Investors Blog
Women are less financially confident and invested than men, but the science behind this gender gap may be more complex than you’d think......
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BLOG: The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill: What to Look Out For
The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill could be a game-changer for ground rent and the UK housing market. Find out why in our latest blog!...
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BLOG: Is the Middle Class Being Swallowed by Housing Costs?
Is the middle class at risk of disappearing as the cost of living increases? Here’s how housing costs are harming middle-income households....
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BLOG: Stamp Duty: Stamping It Out for a Fairer Housing Market
Stamp Duty Land Tax has been a staple of property purchases for years, but could its abolition be just what today’s housing market needs?...
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BLOG: Affordable Housing: Is UK Housebuilding Back On Track
Affordable housing has been long-promised and historically underdelivered. Could 2024 be a fresh start for housebuilding and affordability?...
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BLOG: How the Cost of Living Crisis Hits Women Hardest
In a cost of living crisis, women often face uniquely gendered challenges. Read this special Women’s History Month blog to find out why....
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Nothing puts it all into perspective like a new year! Our 2023 has been filled with opportunity, growth and change. Why not relive some of

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Demand for supported living could make it the ideal social housing investment. Learn about this ethical investment opportunity in our blog!
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Buy-To-Let Modular Homes

Our modular homes blend modern design principles with the adaptability of modular construction to maximise comfort, sustainability and build efficiency at an accessible price. Built to the British Standard Institution’s BS3632 specifications for year-round residential living, our homes are liveable for a minimum of 25 years and designed to meet the latest minimum EPC ratings for energy efficiency.


Up to 12 Years

ROI: 10%

Fully Managed

Fully Insured

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