2024 is finally here, and the team at Concept Capital Group is ready to make it count. 2023 was a year full of change and growth for our company. We experienced unprecedented progress in the field of modular homes, making our fourth year of business one of our most lucrative and eventful years yet. For that landmark development, we can only extend our warmest appreciation to our team and clients for their loyalty and contributions to our affordable housebuilding mission.

As we enter 2024 and prepare for our fifth year as a specialist in buy-to-let modular property investment, the importance of looking forward cannot be overstated. As Managing Director of Concept Capital Group and one of its co-founders, I am thrilled to offer you a preview of some of the exciting new projects we have in store.

From property investment opportunities to charity sponsorships, we are setting out to make a lasting impact on the world around us. And, with the housing market in one of its most dire states in recent history, we are committed to offering even greater value to our clients and their vulnerable tenants.

Our Brand in 2024 – New Website and Branding

Starting with one of the more obvious changes this year, we have successfully revitalised the Concept Capital Group brand with a sleek overhaul of our website and visuals. Those familiar with both will find a range of new additions and changes to explore as they tour the all-new Concept Capital Group site. Coupled with a redesigned logo, we believe this website will provide an improved customer experience while better embodying our ever-evolving brand identity.

As the year progresses, we will continue expanding on our new website while refining its content. And, as before, we will be releasing news and blogs on our company to keep both prospective and existing clients tapped into the dual worlds of modular housing and property investment.

Our Social Impact in 2024 – Game Changer 360

Social impact has always been a distinctive and core element of Concept Capital Group’s identity. In 2023, we reaffirmed our commitment to supporting important social causes by participating in and spreading awareness for, several charity events with partners like the Kiyan Prince Foundation and the British Red Cross.

In 2024, we will be introducing more socially impactful charity initiatives to support ethical investing and further increase our community engagement.

While I may not be able to share all the details of our social impact strategy just yet, one example of a charity initiative we plan to launch later this year is a learning management system for sports governing bodies like FIFA and UEFA.

Game Changer 360 will work to support integrity in professional sports by equipping athletes with the knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges they face with resilience.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to support young athletes and their aspirations as we roll out this platform in the coming months.

Our Products in 2024 – Specialist Modular Homes

For years we have prided ourselves on our ability to deliver modular homes that offer some of the UK’s most vulnerable individuals a higher standard of living at a fraction of the cost. Those who follow our blogs should know that we have great expectations for the future of modular construction, and our mission in 2024 is to expand the range of offerings we have into more specialised areas to support the specific needs of certain vulnerable tenants.

Later this year, we will officially open supported and assisted living facilities for vulnerable new mothers following a successful proof of concept in 2023. These facilities will not only offer 24/7 support to residents but also training and workshops to help them develop their independence and abilities as parents.

We also plan to explore assisted and supported living expansion plans for supported and assisted living operators to help address the growing demand for the care service nationwide. With an increasing number of individuals and families in temporary accommodation lacking government-funded options for assistive living, this project will work to address the undersupply of permanent social housing from an entirely new angle for Concept Capital Group.

Finally, we will be expanding our factory to satisfy the growing demand from private and institutional clients, without affecting the ability of retail customers to benefit from our secure buy-to-let offering. This will coincide with the introduction of regulated and unregulated asset finance lenders to extend our offering to current investors who would like to release liquidity from their assets and new investors who would like to purchase homes using a tailor-made bespoke lending facility.

With the technology and practical use case behind modular homes improving rapidly, we hope these plans will represent the first of many expansions on our core product.

Where Our Clients Fit In

Concept Capital Group is evolving, and part of that evolution will involve working with investors and partners to explore the future of our company’s vision. As we break ground on new approaches to addressing housing crises and shortages using modular construction, we hope our clients will continue to reap the benefits as property investors and citizens of the world.

This year is already shaping up to be another revolutionary chapter in Concept Capital Group history, and with your involvement, we remain as confident as ever that progress and property go hand in hand.

If you would like to explore our investment opportunity further or learn about our range of modular homes, book a call with our team today.

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