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Concept Capital Group insight & Reviews

We are an alternative Buy to Let provider, specialised in marketing and selling Prefabricated homes. Our primary aim is to sell homes that can be tenanted by low income and government-assisted individuals and families.

We are proud to be in our third year of business, where we’ve managed to house over 450 individuals and families in lovely homes all over the UK. However, our journey has only just begun. Concept Capital Group aims to double these numbers over the next year!

In the following blog, we’ll run through who Concept Capital Group our, why they came into existence, and share a few client reviews.

When was CCG established?

Concept Capital Group established itself in 2019, right after the largest prefabricated home provider started building homes in line with the BS3632 standards. Right after the partnership, we raised £1.2 million in the first eight months of business, and things have gone uphill.

The business model Concept Capital Group runs on is focused on balancing social impact and profit, which is why our clients benefit from minimum yields of 10% through a fixed monthly income. Meanwhile, their homes are built, furnished, tenanted, and maintained by us through partnerships.

The tenants we place in these homes include old couples, single mothers, and individuals who’ve been subject to domestic abuse.

Why did Concept Capital Group emerge?

The housing crisis in the UK is one of the most pressing issues the country faces, with over 1.3 million people affected. On top of that, rental costs have been rising steadily, leading to more and more people losing access to secure and stable housing.

Ian Elliot, Director of Concept Capital Group, noticed the gap in the market and decided to bridge that gap with high-quality prefabricated homes. The aim was to provide housing and build homes that offer excellent quality of life!

Concept Capital Group’s Exclusive Buy To Let Opportunity

Once Concept Capital Group sells a prefabricated home, the home is built, placed on-site, and furnished to a high standard. Right after, a suitable tenant is placed in the home, and the owner starts to receive their minimum rental income of £358.33 per month. Meanwhile, Concept overlooks the maintenance and management of the home for which they receive a small management fee – this is separate from the client’s rental income.

Concept Capital Group Reviews

Having been in business for three years now, we decided to do a client review campaign. Many of our clients were happy to shine a light on their experience with us so far. A few of our Concept Capital Group reviews can be found below.

Tracey’s Review

We’re grateful to have Tracey on board, and her review shines a light on the kind of service we always aim to provide clients.

David Stoneman

Being one of our oldest clients, we’re incredibly pleased that David not only decided to come onboard but provided us with excellent feedback. We hope to continue providing excellent customer service for as long as he’s a part of Concept Capital Group.

Johanna Lingham

Johanna joined Concept Capital Group 18 months ago, and we’re incredibly pleased with her feedback. As a socially impactful and client-centric company, we aim to help ethical investors grow their money aligned with their beliefs.

Concept Capital Group trust pilot reviews

We are proud to have a Trust Pilot rating of 4.6 from 22 trusted customers. You can our trust pilot reviews on Concept Capital Group Ltd Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of concept-capital-group.com (trustpilot.com).

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I don’t think I’ve ever had a smooth experience than this!!

I was introduced to Adrian by my sister regarding the concept capital…she had a great experience and the way she explained it to me I too had the same experience….Adrian was so helpful and patient told me everything step by step even went through the paperwork with me so if I get stuck he is there to guide me. I had issues with doing it on the phone he waited for me while I sorted it out and I could tell he wasn’t annoyed at all or didn’t get frustrated… He explained the concept to me and I understood what he was telling always reassuring me and telling me I can get in touch whenever I have anything to ask or need help with. If you have people like Adrian working for these kind of projects where a lot of money is involved it’s best as lay people like me will need someone like that. I’m so happy that I have managed to be part of the project and can’t wait to start making some money????

Concept Capital Group Feefo reviews

We are grateful for A Feefo rating of 4.7/5 from 57 trusted clients. The feedback we receive motivates us to go above and beyond for our clients. You can find a few of our client reviews at Concept Capital Group Reviews | https://concept-capital-group.com reviews | Feefo

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' Concept Capital, great investment, no fuss, no stress and great 1-1 contact '

Well after seeing the property advertised, it did spark an interest so I decided to find out more. I got a call from Martin Swann who began explaining how Concept Capital work. Also what would be expected of me, i was able to ask some initial questions and Martin agreed to send me some more information and time to think about what we had discussed. Martin also Whatsapp some other information over, he was very quick to respond and very friendly and professional. I did think this is too good to be true, as i had nothing much to do apart from paying the amount. After reading the information and doing my own research i decided to go ahead. The whole process as been very smooth and not at all demanding, Martin was there every step of the way for support. Martin then kept me updated on the progress and I felt very reassued and it was something I felt I did not really need to think about....before I new it Martin asked me to check if my first payment had gone through...and yes it had!!! Really please so far with the whole process, thanks Martin and all the Concept Capital team ????????????????????????Thank you!!